Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Farewells 4

Farewells 3

Signing shirts

Haddonfield chaperones from 2014

Farewells 2


Mayor of Haddonfield

Mayor Kako of Haddonfield presents pins

Sayonara Dinner is over

Mr. Bill Brown

Dancing and Singing Performance

Kendo demonstration

Karate demonstration


Dinner time

Sayonara Dinner 2015

Tavistock Terrace

Terrace. ..

Terrace - more

Nice sun on the terrace

Picture of picture

Host family 2

Host family


Getting ready for dinner

Smiling group

Group with Bill Brown

Happy hour 2

Happy hour

Dining room 2

Dining hall

Host families

At Tavistock

Early birds for Sayonara dinner

Rodin Museum

Miniature Golf

Friends :)